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Top 5 Long Lasting Liquid Foundations For Day to Night

March 30, 2015
Screenshot 2015-03-30 13.16.31

What are the best long lasting foundations?

If you’re after a new long lasting liquid foundation that will withstand even the warmest of summer days, we’ve selected the ultimate top 5 bases that stand the test of time! Perfect to transition from office to bar, for a long day at the races or a full day and night wedding reception, these picks of the longest lasting foundations will see you through.

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear £29.50 at

Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.56.06

Many girls’ makeup bag essential, the old faithful double wear is a go-to foundation when a lasting, matte finish is needed! With good, buildable coverage, Estée Lauder’s double wear foundation lasts for hours and doesn’t end up with that shiny look even after a full day, so no need to squeeze the compact powder into your clutch!

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation £7.99 at

Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.56.42

A budget friendly, lasting foundation by Rimmel. Considering it’s only £7.99 and available at most pharmacies, this foundation is pretty amazing! With a choice of 7 colours, this foundation applies evenly and doesn’t leave you with that caked feel that many lower priced foundations tend to do. And most importantly, it really does last.

3. Mac Pro Long-Wear Foundation SPF15 £25 at

Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.57.26

This foundation lasts an unbelievably long time! Build it up while applying to ensure that it is nicely blended and you have the coverage level you want, but once it’s on it stays put. With full, matte coverage the Pro Long-Wear foundation is ideal for oily skin when only a lasting finish will do. Wear with the long-wear concealer for maximum lasting effect.

4. Armani Lasting Silk Foundation £36.50 at

Screenshot 2015-03-30 13.16.31

A little bit of a splurge, this foundation probably isn’t an everyday one for most people! But for special occasions like a day at the races or a wedding, it’s perfect. Ultra long lasting with a beautiful texture that goes on smoothly and leaves a semi-matte, luminous finish. Armani foundations always come in a gorgeous array of colours that match perfectly to your skin tone.

5. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation £31 at

Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.58.00

A long last foundation that also hydrates!? This beautiful medium to full coverage foundation offers a lightweight feel combined with a 12 hour lasting finish and protective SPF15. Available in a huge selection of colours so you can find your perfect shade, this foundation has won an array of beauty awards. The perfect foundation if you love a sheer finish combined with a long lasting formula, and especially good if your skin is on the drier side.

Wedding Guest Inspiration

Can i wear a maxi dress to a wedding? 6 long dresses that are wedding guest appropriate!

March 26, 2015
Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.21.47

Can I wear a maxi dress to a wedding?

It’s that time of year again – wedding season! If, like me, you have quite a few weddings to attend this year as well as a couple of days at the races – the outfit options become a bit limited and it’s tempting to opt for a stylish maxi for at least one of them! We’ve often discussed wedding guest attire ‘etiquette’ at VS HQ, is it ok to wear white to a wedding, is it ok to wear black, how short is too short….you get the idea. So, can you wear a maxi? A lot of very traditional opinions say that only the bride should wear a long dress – but we’re not sure we agree. Brides over recent years are not always guaranteed to wear a long dress after all.

The verdict?

We say it’s totally appropriate! A few hints however – try to steer clear of white or cream or any shade you would consider to be bridal. Avoid heavy sparkles or lace, and make sure the maxi isn’t one you’d wear on a beach holiday. Personally, I would also avoid anything that’s plain and all one colour (colour block is fine) as you run the risk of looking like you might be a bridesmaid. Patterns tend to be a bit safer and avoid this.

Long sleeved maxi’s also gain extra plus points if you’re off to a wedding in cooler months and the legs aren’t quite summer-ready just yet.

Tip: In terms of choosing a colour for your dress, take your lead from the save the date or invitation colour scheme and the likelihood is that if you avoid those colours, you won’t end up matching the bridesmaids. 

Here are our picks of our 6 favourite maxi’s that are perfect for a 2015 wedding guest

Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.28.33

Y.A.S Maxi Dress at ASOS £60

Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.31.11

Virgos Lounge Serena Dress £95

Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.21.47

ASOS floral crop maxi dress £120

Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.06.41 Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.06.50

Coast Lyla Stripe Maxi Dress £165


Screenshot 2015-03-26 11.28.26 Screenshot 2015-03-26 11.28.36

Embellished Black Floral Maxi Dress by Needle & Thread at £200

Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.49.27

Floral Print Column Maxi Dress by Karen Millen £250

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What to wear to the Grand National

March 19, 2015
Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.29.37

For me, the way fashion at the Grand National is portrayed by the press is a bit of a bugbear. For many Liverpool ladies, the National is THE perfect excuse to get dressed up. You have to hand it to them, girls attending the Grand National really love to dress up, make an effort and have a good time and will spend a good few weeks if not months planning their perfect outfit.

Being from Merseyside myself, this is something that’s quite close to my heart, and I can’t stand to see the press the following day focussing on the “fashion faux pas” of the day, and the girls who have spent so long getting ready (and fair play to them, have managed to stay standing in 8″ heels all day long) are made fun of in the papers and pictured shoe-less, drinking from a plastic glass and laughing sat on the kirb at the end of the day. How b**chy!

Every race meeting has it’s not-so-good fashion moments, but Scouse girls get the brunt of it after the National. I know that each of these ladies will have felt so special getting dressed up for the occasion.

This post is intended as a bit of inspiration for what to wear this year – I’m a big believer in wearing what you’re comfortable in and would never want to change the National for what it is already – this is just my own personal style picks!

I love a midi with a fine knit. It’s classy, usually weather-appropriate, and timeless.

Try a full 50′s style skirt, it’ll ensure a flattering fit and perfect length. A fitted sweater is a classy cover-up to compliment the skirt which won’t make you look too over-dressed and will ensure warmth on the day – being either of the first 2 weeks in April, the weather at the National isn’t ever scorching even if it is sunny. A more structured midi skirt looks great with a pretty sleeveless blouse or loose tee, plus no torrential rain and wind will be whipping this baby up over your head – the comfy granny knickers are safe! Finish with a pair of simple court shoes for a timeless look. For taller ladies, ballet pumps or pretty embellished flats will also look fab with this style.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.32.57

Source: Pinterest

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.29.37

Source: Pinterest

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.34.45


A pencil shape is perfect. Elegant and demure, you can’t really go wrong with this look.

I personally love this look although it’s not something that I tend to wear that often – I have to keep pencil shapes and tighter fitting styles for those rare occasions where I’m not going to be eating too much otherwise I feel like I need to un-zip! The races is the perfect time to go for it. Go for a pretty pattern to make sure the look is more occasion than office, team with a box clutch and classic courts or sandals if the weather permits. Cover up with a fitted blazer or don’t be afraid to wear a light weight coat if it’s a grey day.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.41.00

source: Reiss

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.43.06

source: Darling Clothes

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.44.45

source: Pinterest

The faithful jumpsuit! Super comfortable and stylish at the same time – what’s not to love.

Having only just discovered that I can pull off a jumpsuit being 5’3″, I have to admit I’m a bit obsessed. They’re perfect for a day at the races, especially one that isn’t overly formal or strapless. Showing just the right amount of flesh to still be classy, a jumpsuit like this one teamed with simple strappies and a wide brimmed hat also gives a nod to the 70′s trend this season.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.49.11

Source: Pinterest


Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.52.04

Source: Pinterest

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.50.27

Source: Pinterest

A bit about hair and makeup…

During my years as a hair and makeup artist, I have definitely learnt a few things. For hair, effortless and something that’s not too ‘done’ is usually the best route to go down for an occasion like the races – whether that’s an up-do or down style. Hair pinned out of the way means if the weather’s bad then you don’t need to worry (too much anyway!) and natural hair left loose is low maintenance and classic. We’re loving a ponytail at the moment too, perfect for this season and the ultimate low-maintenance style. If it’s good enough for Cara….

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.59.50


Source: Pinterest

Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.05.21



Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.07.54

Source: Pinterest

Makeup for the races needs to be lasting – it’s a long day that usually ends up leading into a night out too! I love a matte look and swear by my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation to guarantee I still have my face on at the end of the night, or for one that’s more photo-friendly (ie no SPF) try Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s beautiful. If you’re not a big makeup wearer, and fancy a bit of a makeover for the day, I’d recommend you try Peaches and Cream in Liverpool!

The hat/fascinator debate

We’re a bit split in the office on this one. We love a vintage style hat, obviously. Fascinators are a bit more of a controversial one for us though. The more hat-like the better in my opinion, and one that contrasts your outfit rather than matches entirely. I did once wear a full brimmed woven hat to one rainy National day for a more casual hat style, plus it really did save a lot of messing with an umbrella when nipping in and out of the stands! Remember that Aintree don’t request for ladies to wear hats unlike Ascot, so don’t worry if you don’t fancy wearing one at all.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.19.20


Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.22.40

Source: Pinterest

Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.15.16

source: Pinterest

Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.21.04


Final thought…

The races are a day-time occasion, so personally I try to keep that in mind and wear something that I would also consider appropriate for a wedding or for a lunch in a dressy restaurant.

I’ll leave you with last year’s winner of Best Dressed Lady at Aintree, Becky Knightingale. Love the pastels!

Screenshot 2015-03-19 13.30.26





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Would You Get Married On Friday 13th?

March 12, 2015

Today is the second of three Friday 13th to contend with in 2015.  Does that mean we have to hide away at home, avoid black cats and ladders or are we safe to venture out or even, heaven forbid, hold one of the most important days of our lives: our wedding day?

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.56.21

The fear of Friday 13th is well embedded into our daily lives, many people won’t fly on Friday 13th, 80% of skyscrapers have apparently missed out the 13th floor and some hospitals don’t even have a ward 13.  But is our fear of Friday 13th justified?

Well, whilst researching for this blog, one thing became clear…there is no clear single reason why we should be scared of Friday 13th!! Some people relate it back to Christianity, others to the Egyptians and to the French monarchy.  As time has passed the superstitions and traditions have become more embedded and more elaborate; even Hollywood has jumped in with blockbuster movies.

Here’s the key question…if your ideal wedding venue could only offer you availability and a 50% discount for Friday 13th or postpone for say another year and pay full price, would you decline or accept?  We are really intrigued by your answer.  When discussing this in the office earlier, we were split…

I said go for it and make your own luck!  I mean, how scary can a black cat be?! Just heavens sake, don’t spill any salt or drop your compact mirror.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.38.49


Inside VS

We’ve Updated Our Branding…

March 4, 2015

You may have noticed a new feel to the Vintage Styler website today. We’re chuffed to launch our updated branding after months of hard work.

Over the years we’ve grown and moved from a small bridal reseller to a lifestyle brand that’s loved by over 10,000 customers worldwide today. We’re still a close-nit group who love our customer and work hard to keep them fans of our products.

This logo represents our customers, our “Fans” of the brand and it’s everything that VS stands for, “Inspired by Eras” in it’s art deco typeface.

We also went with purple as our colour because we love it. A firm favourite in the office! 

Very soon, we’ll be launching a range of clutch bags with our new custom prints (see below) and our lovely Fan clasps.

Screenshot 2015-03-04 21.22.27

Screenshot 2015-03-04 21.27.14

We hope you love our new look, please do let us know your feedback!!

VS x

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March Inspirations

March 1, 2015

March is here!  Which means that spring must be somewhere very close.  To celebrate the arrival of daffodils, Mothers Day and the relegation of the winter coat to the wardrobe, we thought we’d share some of our March inspirations and how they have impacted on our Spring/ Summer 15 collection.


Definitely one of the first signs that winter is coming to an end.  The delicate dropped head flower scattered amongst the grass or forest is one of the best sights in March.  Our freshwater pearl drop earrings reflect the classic and understated elegance of the snow drop; perfect for a wedding.  Pair with the Ginny clutch bag and mix with bold pinks and purples for a modern way to wear pearls.


Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 15.57.05

Gold is making a big appearance in SS15, especially in bridal fashion.  We love all types of gold whether it be blush, metallic or matte.  Try mixing different materials or textures of golds like our Art Deco shell bag to create a statement look.  If you are getting married and want to incorporate gold why not add fun touches such as these doughnuts…who else will have their food coordinating with the jewellery!


Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 16.16.42

Probably the biggest inspiration for our SS15 collection.  We just love the way blush and rose colours create an instantly soft and romantic look whilst still being modern and youthful.  Our new collection of sterling silver rings come with an 18ct rose gold option including the Erin and Mirabel rings pictured above.



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Top 10 UK Wedding Cake Designers

February 18, 2015

Our picks of the UK’s top wedding cake designers

Back in olden times, instead of being eaten, wedding cake was thrown at the bride as it was believed to be a symbol of fertility…. You may want to pass on this ancient tradition. A cake made by one of these top UK cake designers is absolutely NOT to be thrown! You may not even want to cut it. Enjoy!

Olofson Bakery

Luxury London based cake company Olofsen design and create wedding cakes which will no doubt provide a wow factor. With truly unique designs, Ceri Olofsen’s creative flair will ensure your wedding cake will be like no other, with an incredible flavour menu as unique as the designs. And, you get your own watercolour painting of your chosen design! We’re a little lost for words to describe how beautiful these cakes are, take a little look for yourself…. Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.57.01 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.57.23 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.58.00 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.58.26

Jen’s Cakery

We simply fell in love with Jen’s Cakery! Based in London, this boutique bakery creates a gorgeous range of cakes from pretty floral designs and naked cakes to something a little more unique (we’ll have the slate cake please!) With delivery available across the UK, talented Jen creates bespoke cakes which are truly special, and come in a range of tempting flavours – including battenberg! Just fab. Prices start at £150 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.35.15 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.35.57 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.36.21 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.36.44

Peggy Porschen

Peggy is a cake genius. A complete perfectionist, her cakes are flawless and undeniably beautiful. Featuring flourishes of meticulously hand-crafted sugar flowers, Peggy’s cakes are a statement by themselves. Peggy has designed and made cakes for the likes of Elton John, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Madonna. Go for a design meeting in the beautiful Belgravia ‘Pink’ Parlour and sample cupcake flavours over a glass of rosé champagne. Perfection. Screenshot 2015-02-12 17.57.24 Screenshot 2015-02-12 17.57.35

Screenshot 2015-02-13 11.36.14

 Screenshot 2015-02-13 12.11.52

Maisie Fantaisie

Founded by May Clee-Cadman, London-based wedding cake designer Maisie Fantaisie creates stunning wedding cakes that have been featured in top wedding magazines and recommended by some of London’s most prestigious hotels and venues. With a huge selection of gorgeous cake designs, they also offer a choice of sponge and filling flavours that can be combined as you wish (chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache and morello cherry preserve please!) Screenshot 2015-02-13 12.26.31 Screenshot 2015-02-13 12.27.06 Screenshot 2015-02-13 12.27.21

Little Venice Cake Company

With a list of celebrity and royal clients including David Beckham, Cheryl Cole and The Queen, The Little Venice Cake Company design and create beautiful, intricately-made wedding and occasion cakes including both iced and amazingly crafted chocolate cakes. Founder Mich Turner has been baking since the age of 15 and launched LVCC in 1999 so you know you’re in good hands! We particularly love her painted cake…. Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.20.26 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.20.44 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.21.09


Brighton-based Choccywoccydoodah specialise in breathtaking bespoke wedding cakes made from chocolate. Step inside one of their Alice In Wonderland-esque shops and be inspired for your own bespoke cake, the perfect company for you if you’re looking for something a little bit quirky and a talking point of the big day. Believe us, these cakes are Amazing. Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.24.50 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.25.32 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.27.42


The uber pretty cakes at Rachelle’s Cakes go from quintessential English garden party inspired, to modern works of art. With both a food and design background, South-London based Rachelle will create a bespoke cake unique to you. The best part is, they will deliver these beautiful creations anywhere in the UK. Taste your way through the delicious cake samples while choosing your very own design. Check out the beyond-pretty mini cakes, too! Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.29.48 Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.30.16

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The Perfect Date Night Outfit

February 13, 2015

With less than 24hrs to go until Valentines Day, its easy to get distracted by the flowers and cards and forget about the annual wardrobe stress.  If you’re anything like us, your bedroom floor will look like a scene from Twister in the build up to leaving the house.

Date Issues...

Date Night Issues…

Lets face it, there is enough to think about before a big date (your date iteself, what to talk about, where to go); so let us help with some outfit ideas. Whether you’re planning a fun day out, a posh dinner date or just a chill out on the sofa…we have ideas for the lot!

The Daytime Date

This is a hard outfit to get right – it requires the perfect balance of understated romance, comfort and charm (whilst always trying to outwit the UK weather).  Try pairing a structured skirt (both midi and mini would work) with a relaxed tee or jumper.  We are loving pastel leather jackets for SS15 particularly in this cornflower blue.  Finish with a pair of pumps and a gorgeous clutch bag.  The Amber clutch is perfect for a day time date, adding a touch of glamour to the outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 13.56.46

The Perfect Day Time Date Outfit – Skirt (River Island), Tee (Pieces), Jacket (Mint Velvet), Shoes (Michael Kors), Clutch (Vintage Styler)

The After Work Drinks

As our lives get busier, it’s inevitable that our outfits need to be able to take us from day-time to night-time whilst not comprising on  style.  Team your office shirt with a pair of high waisted or tailored trousers and a pair of killer heels to create a great silhouette.  Go for softer colours to create a more romantic style or if you want a real statement look try monochrome colours with a bold red lipstick.

Go from day to night - Shirt (Oui), Shoes (Guiseppe Zanotti), Bag (Vintage Styler), Earrings (Vintage Styler), Perfume (Vera Wang)

Go from day to night – Shirt (Oui), Bag (Vintage Styler), Shoes (Guiseppe Zanotti), Earrings (Vintage Styler), Perfume (Vera Wang)

The ‘Just Friends’ Date

Good food, good wine and great company – we would definitely opt for a date night with a friend. Go for a relaxed style with a hint of glamour with a pair of skinny jeans and a sequinned top.  Add a pop of colour with a statement clutch such as the Jemima Suede bag or through a pair of bold shoes.  We have gone for a stylish pair of flats but add heels for an instant way to smarten your look.

Dinner with friends - Jeans (Ted Baker), Top (Alice & Olivia), Shoes (Salvatore Feragamo), Bracelet (Vintage Styler), Clutch (Vintage Styler), Mascara (YSL)

Dinner date with friends – Jeans (Ted Baker), Top (Alice & Olivia), Bracelet (Vintage Styler), Shoes (Salvatore Feragamo), Clutch (Vintage Styler), Mascara (YSL)

The Dinner Date

Think candles, roses and a glass (or two) of bubbles.  The dinner date gives you a reason to go all out on your outfit and really dress up.  We are obsessing over metallics this season and love to combine different shades – particularly silvers and rose golds.  Go for a statement skirt with a delicate cami top and some gorgeous jewellery to create the perfect outfit.  For makeup we love bold eyes in smokey greys and silvers and if your feeling brave go for the lashes!

Mix Metallics for a dinner date - Skirt (Michael Kors), Top (River Island), Shoes (Casadei Barbarella), Jewellery (Vintage Styler), Bag (Vintage Styler)

Mix Metallics for a dinner date – Skirt (Michael Kors), Top (River Island), Shoes (Casadei Barbarella), Jewellery (Vintage Styler), Bag (Vintage Styler)

The Sofa Date 

We secretly think this could be our favourite type of date – a bottle of fizz, a good film, hair scrapped back and slippers on! Well, maybe not every weekend but the sofa date definately has a lot of positives.

The Sofa Date – Slippers (H&M), Pyjamas (H&M), Ring (Vintage Styler)

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Can I Wear White to a Wedding?

February 10, 2015
Screenshot 2015-02-10 18.39.42

As a wedding guest, wearing white for a friend or relative’s big day is traditionally a big no-no. Dresses in shades of white or cream are usually avoided to save upsetting or ‘upstaging’ the bride herself. With many brides these days now choosing to avoid white themselves in favour of pastel hues, grey tones or even bright coloured gowns, it is still important to make sure that nobody is upset by a guest turning up in white! Even if the bride herself is super chilled out, there are many (often older) other guests who may still frown upon anybody other than the bride wearing white. It’s best to avoid being the subject of gossip!

However, if white is your thing, we’ve put together a few hints that might help to avoid any unwanted drama on the big day!

1. Avoid bridal fabrics and textures

Steer well clear of lace, tulle, satins or heavy ‘bridal’ embellishments! Look for simple fabrics with a subtle print or thicker fabrics to provide demure structure rather than romantic textures to make sure you stand out for the right reasons.

Screenshot 2015-02-10 18.25.46

Dress: Choies High Waisted Dress | Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana Floral Courts | Ring: Vintage Styler Rose Gold Plated ‘Chloe’ Ring

2. Wear a white jumpsuit or trousers

Wearing white but not as a dress will ensure that your look is definitely not in competition with the bride! Compliment with monochrome accessories for a sleek look.

Screenshot 2015-02-10 18.39.42


Jumpsuit: Buxton cut-out jumpsuit at | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Clutch: Zac Posen | Bracelet: Vintage Styler Rose Gold Friendship Bracelet

3. Accessorise with non-bridal pieces

Go for bright or pastel coloured accessories to offset the white. Complimenting a white dress with beige or champagne can still look very bridal. Choose a statement hat in a contrasting colour, avoid heavy sparkle and keep away from flowers in your hair!

Screenshot 2015-02-10 19.14.58


Dress: Blumarine | Headpiece: William Chambers Millinery | Shoes: Michael Kors | Bag: Vintage Styler Jemima Fuchsia Suede Clutch

4. Avoid maxi length or overly bridal silhouettes

Choose a smart pencil shape and avoid floor sweeping dresses, flirty 50′s shapes or floaty midi’s. Wearing a shape which is traditionally non-bridal is the key.

Screenshot 2015-02-10 21.09.25


Dress: Priory  of Ten Open Back Dress | Shoes: Schutz Gilberta Pumps | Headpiece: Celine Robert | Clutch: Vintage Styler Amber Clutch | Ring: Vintage Styler Adele Loop Ring

Wearing what you are comfortable in the most important thing, but if you have any doubt that the look you have in mind may upset the bride, don’t wear it!

Would you wear white to a wedding? Is black as much of a no-no as white? Let us know what you plan to wear!



Featured Editors

Exclusive Interview with Loud as Love

December 10, 2014
Lauren Greevey
At Vintage Styler we have a lot of love for bloggers and vloggers. Being a blogger is a full time job, so we chatted with Lauren McGreevy, writer of lifestyle blog Loud as Love, to get the lowdown on what it is really like and some date advice.

How did you first get into blogging?

I started my first blog over five years ago. I found that it was the easiest way to share my photography with my boyfriend while he was away on holiday. It’s a little soppy,  isn’t it? I continued posting when he returned and it just went from there really!

How would you describe your blog?

A personal journal with a little bit of everything. I like to blog about fun days out, my future plans, emotional well-being, happy lists, my personal style, baking, my gorgeous moggies, beauty, etc. My blog reminds me of the scrapbooks that I used keep when I was in my teens. 

Do you have a full time job and how do you juggle both?

I do! I guess I never put any pressure on myself concerning my blog. Blogging started as a fun hobby and that’s how I’d like it to remain for the foreseeable future. It isn’t something that I ever want to feel obligated or pressured into doing because that would take the element of fun that I so dearly love away. It’s always nice to indulge in on my day off. I try not to take too much on and only agree to working with brands if I would find the process satisfying and exciting.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My readers, by a clear mile. When I’m having a bad day they are a reliable shoulder to cry on. They leave me the most thoughtful, kind comments and offer some great advice. My favourite thing about blogging is coming home after a long day at work and catching up with my comments and checking out their blogs. I feel very lucky to have them. 

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Not being able to share some of the more personal things that have happened over the last year. I do feel as though there is a line that you shouldn’t cross if you want to retain some privacy, no matter how badly you want to lean on the community for support.

What do you see in the future for Loud as Love?

That’s a tough question! Hopefully my content will continue to improve. I’m constantly learning new tricks with the camera and researching post-processing techniques. The quality of the photography that I use on my blog is very important to me. I also have a couple of exciting ventures coming up that I can not wait to share in the near future!

How would you describe your own style?

I like to draw my influences from the 50′s and 60′s. I wear a lot of collars, shifts and bright colours! I love teaming midi skirts and patterned cropped trousers with shirts and pointed flats. Saying that, I tend to buy pieces based on how I feel about them as opposed to whether they would fit into any particular style. 

Do you have a piece of clothing or jewellery that is very special to you?

My mother handed me down a gorgeous, black lace dress that she used to wear over thirty years ago. I haven’t worn it but I absolutely will not part with it. My mum is my best friend and it means a lot that she saved it for me! 

You blog about going on day trips with your boyfriend, what date ideas would you recommend?

Jack and I usually keep it very simple. Old jazz music in the dining room over a candle lit dinner of pizza and cheap wine is always a winner! As is going to the cinemas to catch the latest blockbuster hit. Cheap dates aside, we do love to get dressed up and go out to eat for special occasions. During the Spring we like to go hiking in the Peak District or visit the seaside, those things count as dates too, right?

What do you think makes a good date?

Comfortable surroundings and flowing conversation. There’s nothing worse than feeling out of place and not knowing what to talk about. 

What would be your perfect date?

Wrapping up warm and heading to York, lunch in one of the many restaurants, hitting the shops and museum, perhaps a boat trip, a look around the Christmas market and a glass of Prosecco in a fancy bar to finish. Bliss!

What would be your perfect outfit for a date?

If we’re going out somewhere fancy, I’d probably stick to the trusty old uniform of the LBD, black tights, a pair of heeled booties, glamorous waves and a red lip. I love having an excuse to get dolled up! 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Learn when to say no, because it’s impossible to please everyone at the same time and trying to stretch yourself in order to do that never ends well. 

What will you not leave the house without?

My watch! I feel completely lost without it and it bugs me all day if I forget to wear it. 

What tips would you give to anyone thinking of getting into blogging?

Enjoy it, don’t get caught up in numbers and statistics! Be thankful and attentive to your readers. Don’t expect everything to ‘click’ all at once, it takes time and effort to build something of substance. Make friends, get involved in blogger chats, spread the love and leave thoughtful comments on the blogs that you love reading. Blogging is fun and you will not regret getting into it. 
Thanks so much to Lauren for giving us some time in her hectic schedule, we loved chatting with her and definitely recommend checking out Loud as Love
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The VS 12 Gifts of Christmas

December 3, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

To kick off the festive season in style, (and to make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier!) we’re giving you 12 *amazing* surprise offers between now and Christmas day! Think of it as a little Christmas gift from us to you.

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Merry Christmas! 

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